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Paper and Electronic Cash or Gold and Silver Funds?

Paper Funds: Paper funds was a fantastic shift from the real wealth funds of gold and silver, which was adopted inside the name of public comfort in their transaction; and folks did discover it simpler to use paper cash rather than carrying gold or silver coins with them. But now, it has turn out to be evident that the use of paper cash requires such basic flaws in its program which trigger play havoc with all the world economic climate.

Paper funds is void of intrinsic worth. It is the supposed worth, which differ based on the circumstances. US dollar and now Euro became regular money, which determines the values of other currencies. This highhandedness of the superior currencies has offered the nations, which lend cash to other courtiers in want of cash, to exploit them at will. Whenever a nation borrows, it takes the loan at the rate of then worth of its currency, but when it returns or pays off interest on it, it needs to spend it in accord with the existing depreciated value of its currency. In this way the countries in debt must spend numerous occasions a lot more than the amount they borrow due to the devaluation of their particular currency; as well as the lender nations swell up their wealth at the expense of depreciation of currencies in the poor countries. The indebted countries need to print currency notes to meet the deficit. This causes further inflation, therefore further poverty. This really is but a legal plundering of wealth, that is intensifying a lot more poverty than prosperity in the counties which have to borrow.

Gold dinar and Silver Dirham: The remedy lies inside the genuine wealth economy, which must have intrinsic or real value, which will not modify with the altering circumstances. This cash is gold and silver. The planet is in great have to restore the forsaken system of gold dinar and silver dirham to get rid in the economic exploitation from the strong economies and currencies. Malaysia pioneers this initiative since it did in several other locations of Islamic finance. It has began dealing in gold dinar and silver dirham, partially at initial stages.

Electronic funds: Now with the introduction of electronic cash, a lot more exploitation is going to happen. Electronic funds like paper cash is but a game of digital numbers, it has no intrinsic or actual value. The strong economies will again be in the position to manipulate the planet economy according to their interest and the poor or underdeveloped economies will suffer a lot more, because they aren't the important players within this game of imaginary cash.

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